Used - 2020 KIA SOUL - Transmission

Generic Used - 2020 KIA SOUL - Transmission
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Stock #: UA451
Mileage: 7,857
Grade: A - Used
Description: 2.0 Liter Automatic
Price: $1,000.00 plus shipping
Vehicle Images

    Mechanical assembly which directs power from the engine to the driving axles.

  Shipping address must be a business with a dock or fork lift

 What's included unless otherwise noted

    Valve Body
    Torque Converter
    Oil Pan

 What's not included

    Transfer Case
    Axle Shafts
    Drive Shafts

 Warranty Requirement

    Prior to installing an automatic transmission, buyer agrees to have the vehicle's radiator and transmission lines flushed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  Buyer agrees to have transmission installed by a certified mechanic with new fluid as directed by the manufacturer.  Some installations may require reprogramming or replacing the transmission control module.