Used - 2012 BMW BMW 650i - L Door Mirror

Generic Used - 2012 BMW BMW 650i - L Door Mirror
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Kind: Power; (heated), (electrochromatic), w/o lane departure warning; w/o camera; w/o high gloss finish; L.
Stock #: TA490
Mileage: 53,919
Grade: A - Used
Description: Carbon Black
Price: $400.00 plus shipping
Vehicle Images
Door Mirror

    Body part which refers to the side view mirror which commonly mounts onto the front door. See item description for color and condition.

    Left = Driver's Side
    Right = Passenger's Side

  Non Painted Types

    Black Shiny Plastic :  Smooth & glossy
    Black Plastic:  Semi smooth
    Black Textured:  Semi rough with visible grains