Used - 2012 BMW BMW 650i - Front Seat

Generic Used - 2012 BMW BMW 650i - Front Seat
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Kind: Conv, (bucket), (air bag), (leather), (electric), 20 way adjustable (active and ventilated), L.
Stock #: TA490
Mileage: 53,919
Grade: B - Used
Description: Driver - Cinnamon Brown with Seat Belt : Check Entry Wear
Price: $300.00 plus shipping
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Front Seat

    Interior part for the driver or passengers to sit on.

   Shipping address must be a business with a dock or forklift

 What's Included unless otherwise noted

    Motors if applicable

 Abbreviations & Options

    L:  Left or Driver's Side
    R:  Right or Passenger's Side
    Memory:  Remembers preferences for different drivers
    Heat:  Warms seat when switched on
    Cool: Cools seat typically with a built in fan
    Lumbar:  Adjustment for back comfort
    SRS:  Equipped with air bag
    Material:  Cloth, Vinyl, Leather